Ostomy/Stoma Products

The Colorado River Ostomy Chapter (CROC) would like ostomates to have the product resource information to research if the product could assist in enhancing their stoma/ostomy care.

CROC does not endorse or recommend any of the ostomy related products.

Pouch and Pouching Assistive Devices

Hytape for securing skin barrier

Osto-EZ-Vent pouch vent

Ostoform flow device with a barrier ring

SecurPress® device to help the pouch seal

StomaGenie® output containment when changing the pouch

Stoma Hole Cutter for 2-Piece Ostomy Pouches/Wafers

Stoma Protection Devices

Ostomy Armor

Stoma Dome

Stoma Guard

Stoma Guard by Stomaplex

Stoma Shield

Support Belts for Active Persons and Belts/Wraps for Hernia Support/Prevention

StealthBelt (for extreme sport participation to sleeping)

Celebration Ostomy Support Belt

Coloplast Ostomy Support Belt

Nu-Hope Ostomy Support Belts

Safe-n-Simple Ostomy Support Belts

Odor Control for Fecal Stomas

DevKo (deodorant tablets for the pouch)

Devrom (Oral Chewable tablets/capsules to deodorize gas/stool)

Na’Scent (liquid drops for the pouch)

Ostofresh (liquid drops for the pouch)

Stomacloak (specialized fabric pouch cover that reduces odors & conceals)

Output Management for Colostomies

Colo Majic (The Liner People)

Output Management for Ileostomies

Diamond sachets with charcoal

Parasorb sachets

Pearls sachet with odor control

Shower Ostomy Covers

Shower Armor

Stoma Goggle



Ostomy Secrets

The Ostomy Clothing Company